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The Sister Houses seafood pancakes.

Restaurant Review: The Sister’s House Don’t Play Sis

Layla Black, Graphics Editor May 30, 2024

A hole-in-the-wall restaurant nuzzled in-between rustic auto repair shops and a bumpy expressway, The Sister’s House is an authentic Korean restaurant, bringing the flavors of Korea straight to the Bay...

A Volar!

Diego Urbina, Staff Writer May 30, 2024

El Aeropuerto de Hayward fue fundado en 1942 cuando el ejército de los EE. UU. adquirió la propiedad y construyó el aeropuerto. Al principio, su objetivo principal era servir como base durante la Segunda...

Student Motivation: An AP Student’s Reflection

Aiden Jiang, Staff Writer May 30, 2024

AP tests have passed. Of course, all AP students wanted a 5, undoubtedly proved through the “MT. EDEN STUDENTS ARE STRIVING FOR A 5” poster you may see walking into school everyday. But did we really...

The different pathways after graduation.

Seniors After Graduation

Rosa Hernandez, Staff Writer May 30, 2024

Seniors have many options after graduation: attending college, enlisting in the military, or diving straight into the workforce, to name a few. According to a survey conducted by The Monarch Times on Mt....

A gym rat undergoes the creatine cycle.

Getting Big or Getting Rigged?

Layla Black, Graphics Editor May 30, 2024

There is a noticeable increase in the use of creatine in teens. Potential reasons include its availability to customers of any age without any guardian consent and its popularity as a top muscle gain supplement. According...

Mt. Eden Alumni: Where Are They Now?

Elisandra Hampton, Copy Editor May 30, 2024

A common saying is that high school is the best time of your life. Besides providing students with an education, high school allows us to join clubs, make social connections, create life-long memories,...

Intense Expense: The Cost of Senior Year

Itzel Esquivel, Cartoonist May 30, 2024

As seniors approach graduation, many events are noticeably expensive, considering senior prom tickets for solos are on the high of $140 just to attend, not including clothing or transportation. Then, there’s...

Emily Tran performs “Our Hope” by Mandy Moore.

Mt. Eden Hosts Annual Talent Show

Elisandra Hampton, Copy Editor April 29, 2024

On April 12, Mt. Eden hosted a talent show consisting of seven acts. The judges of each performance were Steven Elliott, Marie Butler, and Jasmine Maharaj. The winners were Emily Tran, Kael Flores, and...

Mt. Eden Regional Occupational Program outside of the ROP building.

ROP Competes in Hacking Tournament

Itzel Esquivel, Staff Writer April 29, 2024

Eden Area ROP is a career opportunity school in Hayward. High school students from the region can attend programs geared toward career development. HUSD has students from all four high schools including...

Black’s Health Cabinet logo.

Eating Well, or Eating Like Hell?: Grains 101

Layla Black, Graphics Editor April 29, 2024

What we eat is important when considering a healthy diet, but what is in our food can be more important than the type of food we eat. For example, when shopping at Costco, Safeway, Trader Joes, or even...

An overachiever sulks over a 98%.

Chronic Overachieving: The Source of Students’ Burnout

Aundrea Mabana and Sofia Cordoba April 29, 2024

When the word overachiever is mentioned, a mental image of an overworked, ambitious person with every accomplishment under the sun is what typically comes to mind. Despite their young age, many high school...

On the left, Cecil’s 1/6 burger with fries. On the right, the  Grilled Chicken Burger with fries.

Cecil’s Famous Burgers: Still Famous?

Layla Black, Graphics Editor April 29, 2024

On West Tennyson Road sits a vintage diner with outdoor seating and eating arrangements. Cecil’s Famous Burgers was known for its delicious burgers back in the 1980’s when it was founded, givingCecil’s...

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